Jacques Attali

Jacques is a hero of mine.

I first read his book "Noise: The Political Economy of Music" 15 years ago - I was just starting out as a musician - and it blew my mind.

Written in 1977, it predicted everything that is currently happening to the music industry - Spotify / YouTube / filesharing - the whole lot. Jacques said it was inevitable. Now - remember, in 1977 no one had a computer. No mobile phones. Loads of people still had black and white TVs. We still had a mechanical rotary phone in my house well into the 90s! His predictions were phenomenal.

Jacques seemed to have profound insight into how music and money worked together.

I'm launching my career right now, and I felt like I had to meet him. I sent him an email. He agreed to meet. Now the BBC are making a documentary about it! 

It's gonna be out in September and it's called 'The Pop Star and the Prophet'. Watch out for it!